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  Ariane Repelaer van Driel
We had a very good experience with Sri Lanka Whale watching.
The sea was calm, the boat was well maintained, and the crew were very kind.
They served coffee, rolls, water, fruit, and before departure offered sea
sickness tablets to those who needed them. On the way back they even sang Sri Lanka songs.
We saw many whales, some were very close to the boat! And the crew helped us get the best pictures by announcing "tail up!" before the tails were actually going up. We also saw dolphins.
All in all we had a great time!
 reviews from chinese whale watching
月色里肆无忌惮的浅忆 - China
今天,我们有一行6人,在mahanama船上观看海鲸,7点钟航行,之前航行给我们每个人带来了咖啡,面包和晕船医学,非常亲密。 一个多小时到海,我们到达了深海,经验丰富的船员,我们找到世界上最大的蓝鲸,看到蓝鲸水的那一刻,我们都沸了,真的太兴奋了。 很高兴这次到斯里兰卡的旅行,也感觉到友好和温暖的南亚人,强烈推荐马哈纳马。
陣内亮太 - Japan
My name is Ryota Jinnouchi (from Japan).
I participated in your tour two days ago.
I'm so happy to get wonderful experience.
If my friends come to Sri Lanka, I will recommend your tour definitely.
Thank you so much.
Ricky - Hong Kong
I took the boat trip watching whales this morning and overall the journey was just wonderful. All the food are well prepared on the boat and I really appreciate the coffee served hot which indeed warm my heart. Although I'm a bit sick during the last hour because of the waves, the guy in vest with curly long hair help me a lot by giving me plastic bag and comforting me. I feel well attended thorough the boat trip and undoubted I will recommend my friend to join in the future. Thank you for letting me to glance through the wonder of nature and the unique beauty of Sri Lanka.
It was a wonderful tour..We saw several whales. I am satisfied with the services..Stuff on the boat are nice and enthusiastic.
While i think it's better if you put a slogan on boat to ban visitors to throw garbage to the ocean.
Asitha weerasooriya - Sri Lanka
Great ride and great experience!!!!
United Kingdom - Andy & Christina
We had an amazing experience upon the boat. The crew were extremely knowledgeable and made sure we were all kept safe throughout the journey. I can now say that I've see a blue whale in the flesh and not just on TV!
Duco & Mercedes
"We really enjoyed our time doing the whale watching with Thikula Max and the crew. They made sure we were fine and got everything we needed and wanted. Seeing a lot of whales, the music on the way back and also the sunset over the ocean: incredible. In short: we recommend everyone to stay with Thikula Max and Marriot Cruises. Thanks for everything!
 reviews from chinese whale watching
堵楠茜 - China
It's really awesome to see wild whales in deep sea the first time in my life. I love the freedom they share with us. And the caption is also very nice. Though I'm sick, but I really want to experience again. And I hope the customers will respect the ocean and don't drop something into the sea. Thank you for everything~
I Had a chance to travel with that company! The guide are experience and well educated, they show us everything also Very helpfull. They respect the whales what is the most important thing.
Nuwan Chinthana - Sri Lanka
Today I was in the boat to watch whales. It was a great ride and experience, it was well arranged and planed. It was amazing.
Thank you!
 reviews from chinese whale watching
China - Leilei
2016年29日 我们在美蕊沙坐MAX家的船观看鲸鱼,旅途很顺利,我们在途中看到了成群结队的海豚小组,和海龟,当然还有主角鲸鱼,三头大鲸鱼,她们换气时喷出的水柱在阳光下变成彩虹,场面惊叹,船员的服务非常好,面包,水,酸奶,服务无微不至,max家的观看鲸鱼旅行很棒,选择他家绝对没错,对了他max家的观鲸船非常大,上下两层。
German - Adalrik
A blue whale is gigantic. To witness such a large and clumpsy but at the same time graceful and magnificant is a memory I will keep for the rest of my life.
Max and crew was fully profesional and the whole trip was really great experience. Highly recomended.
余悦 - China
Hey captain! I have to say that today's trip is really meaningful and awesome. You have excellent driving skills and we have seen the whales so close!Thank you so much about that. And you are also very nice because when my friends took photos with you, you are so friendly. Anyway, thank you for the amazing trip.
Madusha de Silva - Sri Lanka
The boat ride you offered to see the whales was excellent. It was a very good boat with comfortable seats and life jackets. And it was not overloaded. Food you offered also really good. There were many whales and they were amazing. So I highly recommend this to any other as the boat service at Mirissa.