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Whale Watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Whales Whale Watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Whales
Whale watching is one of the most famous water sport s in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in observing whales in their natural habitat we have the ability to arrange your whale watching trip in a responsible manner without interrupting the activities of the marine creatures which ensures maximum safety for you. we will be explaining the rules and the safety precautions before starting each trip because nothing is more important to us than making sure our guests are safe.
If you looking for a comfortable and safe whale watching trip you can contact us.
Marriot Cruise - Safety First
Come and see the largest creatures on Earth with us
One of the most experienced and government registered Whale watching tour operator in Mirissa
Certify the safe tour by providing necessary safety equipment's
Provide Insurance for all passengers
Deep respect for the ocean and its inhabitants
Huge space inside the boat with panoramic viewing observation deck
Helps to improve passengers' knowledge about whales by describing about whales when we spot them
Friendly and helpful boat crew
Special Offers
There is a special 50% discount on whale watching for disabled people and for persons with honoured titles. If a group of guests are accommodating in our chain of hotels for more than 20 days whale watching would be free of charge and if they are accommodating for 10 days there would be a 50% off discounted price.
For the 2nd trip there would be a 50% discount. For the 3rd trip there would be a 1/3rd discount.